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The Salvia divinorum dry herbs best portable vaporizer for sale

vaping dry herb

vaping dry herb

There are few ways to consume Salvia Divinorum, starting with Mazatec rituals where shamans use fresh Salvia Divinorum leaves, that is the traditional method, shamans crushed the leaves to extract leaf juices and mix them with water to create an infusion and drink it. Another Mazatec method is chewing or swallowing fresh leaves, but the effects are slowly. And great for use with portable vaporizers for weed.

Dry leaves can be smoked using a pipe, or water pipe to cool the smoke. As the temperature to release salvinorin is high, a cooler flame or torch lighter should be used. If salvia is smoked, the effects are more intense and quick.

There is a traditional method of chewing leaves, but this method has continued in modern use. A modern innovation is considered the ‘quid’ of leaves, referring to the fact that leaves are held in the mouth to facilitate absorption of active constituents through oral mucosa and at the end the person spits out the leaves and not swallow them.

Then another method is ingesting salvia as a tincture, administered sublingually, using a glass dropper, but the effects and duration are similar to methods of oral ingestion.

We further detail about processing Salvia Divinorum. First the leaves are stored in sealed containers in the dark in order to retain their potency. Methods of drying Salvia leaves are: Nature’s Bounty, Salvia ’Tobacco’, Food Dehydrator, Conventional Oven Dried Salvia, Microwave Oven Dried Salvia, Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Drying. There are different methods of processing, and we explain a bit.

  1. The Nature’s Bounty – leaves die, place them on a plate and turn them often until they are dry, then store them. As advantage, the plants will not be depriving of leaves. As disadvantage, the leaves are not kept in the best conditions.
  2. Salvia ’Tobacco’ – picked leaveas are placed one atop another, then cut in strips, pile them on a plate and turn twice daily in order to dry. As advantage, the result is a smoother smoke. As disadvantage, the leaves can be weaker.
  3. Food Dehydrator – dry the leaves in this device, a very fast drying, until the leaves are crispy. As advantage, it is a fast process and a thorough drying. As disadvantage, you have to involve a cost to buy the food dehydrator.
  4. Conventional Oven Dried Salvia – place leaves on an ovenproof dish and dry in an oven at no more than 175 degrees F. As advantage, the speed and convenience. As disadvantage, it is hard to keep the temperature of the oven at optimal range.
  5. Microwave Oven Dried Salvia – the leaves are put in single layer between two paper towels and they are microwaved on high, until they are dry.
  6. Calcium Chloride Drying – Calcium Chloride is placed in the bottom of polyethylene container, with an aluminium foil over, then the leaves are dried on top of the foil in about two days. As advantage, it is a thorough drying. As disadvantage, it is slow and less convenient.

So any consumer needs to read and know about Salvia Divinorum user guide, so that any information about different types of processing methods is important to get a better vaping process. The device is essential and you can use AirVape Xs, a personal loose-leaf vaporizer, a combination of conduction and convection technology for heating. It has an oval shaped ceramic chamber and a compartment to accumulate hot air.

Dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizer

AirVape Xs has new features, such as vibration to announce that it is ready. It has a display of 1.3 inch to show battery level and exact temperature. It also has a leather holder and  The Xs Shell protective case, besides ceramic stainless chamber, a cup insert to work with oil and concentrates, and an adjustable shutoff timer.

So the user of Salvia Divinorum has to know to use this herb in this device, an unique water resistant and dirt proof vaporizer. AirVape Xs has also a guide, in order to be proper used and its effects be one of the best for the consumer of Salvia dry herbs with best portable vaporizer for sale.

All the consumers should read user guides if they want to be protected and perform a vaping in very good conditions. Nobody knows to use the herbs in a very correct way, so the need to follow the instructions in a user guide is necessary and compulsory. If one can follow the instructions, as in any other type of guides for different devices or various staff, the results will be those initially intended.

Please, read and follow these, at least these written above and you will be more informed about the use of Salvia Divinorum and be the user in search of best performances and in obtaining them. As there are different methods of processing the herb, for each of them there are specific guides and instructions to be observed for the general vaping process.